At Professional Drying Services we specialize in the  restoration and cleanup of homes and businesses alike. We can  provide you with fire, flood, smoke damage, mold remediation, water damage, odor elimination, sewage losses, contents cleaning, storm damage and wind damage repairs. With more than 25 years of experience in our field we have become the industry leaders in our field. We live up to all of the IICRC restoration standards and guidelines covered in the certification process that we go through yearly, keeping us up-to-date in all of the advancements in technology and experience.


Our staff will give you the respect and consideration that you deserve while in your home or place of business and make sure that your restoration job is completed with your needs in mind and your satisfaction and safety always put at the highest priority. After the initial assessment of the damages, we will submit an estimate to review with you and your adjuster if necessary. Some of the damages may not be covered by insurance such as sentimental items, you are welcome to ask for a separate estimate for those items that are of value to you and we will always try our best to give you outcome you desire, we will do what is needed to help you through your difficult time. If we feel that your safety or health is at risk we will help you find another place to stay during your restoration process. Some insurance companies will cover your stay at a hotel or even pay for your pets to stay in a facility specially designed for their comfort. If we are unable to clean a certain item onsite we will pack out, create an inventory for you,transfer them back to our climate controlled warehouse where we will clean and dry them while restoring them to a like new condition. Once the process is complete we will bring you all your items back. Our technicians can restore damaged electronics and damaged documents even if  some may not look salvageable, we will always make sure or get expert options on the items before we ever get rid of anything. Call us with any fire, smoke damage or odor problems. We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days of the year, contact us at 866-221-3520.

We use only the highest grade of professional products and the latest technology for all of the restoration jobs that we do. High powered equipment and bio hazardous containment suits, masks and filtration devices are all used when and where it is necessary. Our professionalism is unmatched in the industry making us the most professional crews that you can call to help. We have people that are on call and available for any issue that you’re suffering from. The professional restoration experts we have are all highly trained, tested and IIRC certified. We will minimize any loss for you and keep your costs as low as possible. Call us at 866-221-3520 with any storm, wind damage or flooding restoration service that you may need.


At Professional Drying Services we believe in keeping open communication with our clients, which results in satisfaction and gratification. We know and understand that your home or business is probably the single most greatest investment you will ever make. Trust us to restore it for you and get you back to a pre-loss condition.  

There are several methods we use to clean damaged properties, including dry cleaning; which is used when residues after a wet clean process has been followed. Wet cleaning is used when there are heavier residues to be removed using special products and processes. Spray and wipe which is effective for many items that may be damaged when they are saturated with any cleaner or product scrubbed or wiped clean and only used when we know that it would not harm the fabric or material. Foam cleaning is used for upholstery or fabrics that may shrink or the colors may tend to bleed. Abrasive cleaning which is used for extreme damaged areas that have been penetrated by a residue or liquid. Immersion cleaning which is highly effective with items that can be totally saturated in a cleaning product. Although this all sounds complicated, it is our responsibility to know which products are used on all types of  surface or materials. Contact us at 866-221-3520 with any water, flooding, wind damages or sewage overflow.