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At Professional Drying Services in North Providence, Rhode Island our crews are trained and certified experts in flood cleanup and flood restoration services. We have the equipment to do a total and complete restoration of  your building and your belongings after you suffer from a flood. Our crews are IICRC trained, certified, and experienced. We continue to have refresher courses and strive to stay at the cutting edge of advancement per the IICRC S-500 standards. After being in the restoration industry for more than two and a half decades, we have many satisfied clients, we sometimes get return calls from later down the road when other problems arise from other reasons. Storms, toilet overflow, broken pipes, damaged sump pumps, power failure, heavy rainfall, faulty appliances and plugged drains can all be the cause of a flood. No matter what the cause of your flood, our expert teams will have the perfect solutions for the project and can do the complete restoration job for you. Call us at (866) 221-3520 with any flood damages job.

If you have experienced flooding in your home or commercial building or if you need assistance with repairs,  we are the one and only company you will have to call. Professional Drying Services in North Providence, Rhode Island crews will disinfect, sanitize and clean your home or structure after any flooding damages leaving you feeling at home again or allowing your business to open as soon as possible. Using the latest tools and technology such as Psychometric meters and monitors we are able to control the environment in the structure to stop any mold growth and allow the evaporation process to accelerate to our needs to ensure we are in control and on task. High powered air movers and heaters work together to allow this process to happen. The scientific training we have make us the best in the field. Our technicians use truck mounted water extraction units as needed to pump out large amounts of water as well as smaller dehumidification units we place throughout the flooded areas to remove any moistures in the air that may later settle into the surfaces of the building materials or furniture. We remove all moisture from your building and restore any damaged contents like new. If you need us for any flood damage restoration services call us at (866) 221-3520.

Water damages, odor problems, damaged contents, mold infestation, damaged electronics just to name a few of the problems you can face with flooding. At Professional Drying Services in North Providence, Rhode Island we specialize in every aspect of flood damage disaster restoration services. Contacting us immediately  will ensure that you will avoid any secondary damages that may occur. Your safety is our primary concern; never enter a flooded area without turning off the electricity associated with that area. If a ceiling is sagging, do not enter that room be smart and call an expert to inspect the area for unforeseen damage. Never turn on any light switches, use any outlets or light fixtures that have water in them. Keep any rugs and other materials away from floor drains that can cause blockage and build up of water. Contact us with any flood drying services at (866) 221-3520.

Nobody can be completely and fully prepared for a catastrophe, however you can have a plan in place for any disaster situation. Having the number of the experts at Professional Drying Services in North Providence, Rhode Island at the top of your list is also recommended. Property owners have been trusting our expert crews to do flooding disaster restoration for years. We adhere to IICRC industry dry standards and we work with you and your insurance company to create the perfect plan that best suit your needs. Don’t let a flood become a nuisance in your home or business, call the experts right away at (866) 221-3520.


At professional Drying Services we have standards in place for every disaster situation we will minimize any loss for you and keep your restoration costs as low as possible. Our teams will ensure your property is safe and secure. Preventing and future damages is also a concern. Our teams are always using the leading technology. And we work effectively, giving you unmatched professional restoration solutions. The staff will focus on the individual owners needs and our strengths lie within our dedicated teams. Contact us at (866) 221-3520 any time, day or night with any water flood damages you suffer from.  

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