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Sewage can be hazardous to your health and your pets health as well, never try to clean this up on your own without proper PPE (personal protection equipment) such as hazmat suits, rubber boots and glove and respirators. At Professional Drying Services in Burrillville, Rhode Island we specialize in cleaning and restoring bio hazardous damages in and around the home or business. Our crews know how serious sewage flooding clean up can be and we want to give you a worry free restoration experience. We build a containment site around the sewage flooded areas and wear all the necessary gear to ensure that we don’t cross contaminate your building. Avoiding secondary damages is very important, so calling us immediately with your sewage damages is critical. Call us with any sewage clean up and restoration job that you have at (866) 221-3520.


The expert teams at Professional Drying Services in Burrillville, Rhode Island have more than 25 years of experience in all emergency sewage damages restoration experience. We have an unmatched response time and our teams are always available 24 hours a day, every day of the year for you. After our initial assessment, we will provide you with a detailed estimate and if needed we will submit to your insurance to help you with the process. Our staff will also work with the adjuster to find the most suitable means of attack for the damages left behind. First and foremost, your safety is our biggest concern we never want to see anyone become sick from the microbial agents that are present or the lingering effects of bacteria or viruses that can breed in the environment left from a sewage or septic spill. After we have established the structure is safe, we will begin the clean up and restoration process after we have ensured the proper cleaning in up to par we will then encapsulate the material, making sure that if anything had seeped into a crevice will never escape.

Acting quickly after suffering from any detrimental sewage damage is very important, we want to help you avoid any secondary damages that will have more consequences as left untreated. Call our staff immediately after the flood occurs to avoid any of these issues. Although, if you do have any secondary damage we can restore that also with no problem. After more than two decades of restorations we have lots of experience and many satisfied clients we have help along the way. Contact Professional Drying Services in Burrillville, Rhode Island with any sewage removal and cleanup you may need at (866) 221-3520.


Broken pipes, toilet overflow, heavy rainfall-these can all cause sewage flooding in your home or business. Professional Drying Services in Burrillville, Rhode Island are always prepared for the call to action. We can restore most damaged electronics, sewage damaged documents and your contents after suffering from any sewage flood damages. If you have sewage overflow detriment in your home or business we are the ones to call to inspect and determine the level of sanitation that will be need and the exact amount of effort needed to get it done right and save you from any health issues that may arise, we can be reached at (866) 221-3520


Never try to do a sewage clean up on your own without consulting a professional who has extensive training and knowledge in the area, especially Do not try to use bleach or peroxide to clean the damaged areas of unknown contaminant or material. Call Professional Drying Services in Burrillville, Rhode Island with any sewage cleanup needs.


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