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The technicians at Professional Drying Services in Galilee, Rhode Island know that even a small fire can lead to damage to the inside walls, your HVAC systems, as well as furniture and virtually anything else. We also know that there can be unseen damages to the materials such as wood cabinetry, window treatments, and other surfaces inside the structure. Call the expert teams to do your smoke odor removal job. We will thoroughly assess the damages you have suffered from and give you a fair and reasonable estimate on services and help you submit to your insurance.

At Professional Drying Service we can provide 24 hour emergency assistance in recovering and removing belongings that cannot stay in the environment any longer before more damages will occur. We can assess the degree of residue and soot components so that we can address the level of difficulty it will be to clean certain areas. We have more than 25 years of experience in addressing the different types of materials and we are trained to notice these such as organic materials, plastics and proteins; each with there own level of treatment needed to clean. Trust us to minimize loss for you and give you a stress free restoration job. Contact us with any fire damages and smoke odor control job you may have at (866) 221-3520.

If you have experienced a  fire, contact your insurance company immediately once it is contained to find out what the process of restoration is. If you rent, then notify the owner right away this is their responsibility to get the structure back up to code for your safety. At Professional Drying Services in Galilee, Rhode Island fire restorers will assess the damages, help determine which items are salvageable and what items need to be destroyed or replaced they will help you through this difficult process. Using professional equipment, products and all of the latest technology such as Ozone Machines, foggers, chem sponges and air scrubbers we will completely restore everything in the home to pre-loss condition removing all smoke odors. If you need any fire, smoke or odor damages cleaned up call us at (866) 221-3520.


Cleaning smoke damages and controlling an odors that may be associated with it, is all dependent on the type of fire or the cause of the smoke. At Professional Drying Services in Galilee, Rhode Island we have smoke odor damage restoration experiences and shave satisfied many clients to prove we are the company to trust restore your structure. We put our customers safety and their needs first with any job that we do. Our crews are on call and available 24 hours a day, every day of the year for any restoration services. Call our expert teams after you suffer from any smoke damage at (866) 221-3520.


Smoke odor damage restoration is a multi-phase process it is important that the restoration process begins within hours of the actual fire occurrence, the lingering odors can seep into crevices and enclosed spaces such as dressers, walls, ventilation units and more. Waiting too long to act can compound the damages, cost and the restoration time necessary for a successful restoration job. It is vitally important to you that you contact the fire and smoke disaster restoration crews at Professional Drying Services in Galilee, Rhode Island immediately. We are here to speak with you and dispatch crews 24 hours at (866) 221-3520.  


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